Going South!

Good morning 2015!

The old year finished with a late night and the new year started with an early wake up call. It felt weird to be on the road on the New Year’s Day. At the same time I can tell, I have never travelled that smoothly. Empty streets, empty airports, planes are in time, quick connections. Still, it is a mystery to me why so many people chose to travel on the first of January. Maybe tickets are cheap are simply cheap, or maybe these are the seasoned travels who know how to avoid stress.

So the #travellenge began and the first of January 2015 was celebrated in 3 cities, 2 countries and 2 continents!

First flight: Munich to Washington (Dulles) on United 133 (a former Continental Boeing 767-400)

Check in at Munich airport was quick, even though it took longer than your usual transcontinental flight due to the security concerns already starting in Germany. Due to the global paranoia, we were questioned a lot of questions before the check in, at the normal security check points, and before boarding.

Eventually, we got on board and seated at our emergency exit seats. The service on United surely improved, even though you cannot compare to other European and Asian airlines. One big advantage of US flag carriers is the seat pitch. They usually feel way bigger than other carriers. The choice of entertainment was quite good (AVOD) but food was terrible. So after watching two films, I tried to nap a bit. That master for 2 hours and due to the head winds, the whole trip took one hour longer (9,5 hours).

With a 30min delay w arrived at the Capital. One of the few airports in the US where you still can find the dirty smoking cabins. After a cigarette we went down to the UNITED CLUB, grabbed a drink and decided to intake our first Burger for 2015. The club itself is below average, it is more of an exclusive waiting are rather than a lounge for frequent travelers. Nothing special.

Second flight: Washington (IAD) to New Orleans.

Well, small plane, domestic (or even regional) flight, and slept the 2,5 hours.

We arrived at 7:30 in NOLA (MSY), grabbed our bags, hopped into a cab and were at the hotel 45 min after touch down. The cab ride from the airport cost us 33 Usd plus taxes and it is a flat fee (when travelling to the city centre or the French quarter) and is the preferred choice when travelling in a party of at least two people.

At the hotel we met with our friends who were already in the US for a week and went to the French quarter straight away.

New Years in the US is traditionally a football (american football) thing. You have lots of college football decision matches and so there was an important game in New Orleans as well. We watched Alabama losing to Ohio State for dinner, grabbed a chilled Bud Light and then went to bed around midnight.

And now I sit here, jet legged at 5:30 am after just 5 hours of sleep and looking forward to see the city at day light.

Next: New Orleans, the different city and a review of the Homewood Suited New Orleans.






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