A Devil in disguise


From rock and roll to country, from Memphis to Nashville. The music history continues in the state of Tennessee.

Lying on the boarder to Mississippi and Arkansas, Memphis is all about one king – the king of rock and roll – Elvis Aaron Presley. A visit to Graceland is a must do, even the price is a bit too much (45 usd incl. tax to see the mansion, his airplane collection, the Elvis automobiles and some other smaller exhibitions). The mansion tour itself is very interactive and modern, and it can surely give you a good glimpse of how he lived his live as the king of rock and roll.

The city of Memphis is not too big (600k) and not too impressive. It is built around Beale Street, which is adequate to the French quarter in New Orleans or Broadway in Nashville. Filled with lots of bars and restaurants, the maybe unique thing is that you can buy alcoholic drinks to go and consume on the street.

One thing you should do is the Sun Studios Tour. It will set you back 10 bucks, but it’s worth it. The tour is narrated by a guide who surely is a music and rock and roll fanatic and he will tell you some interesting life facts about the time when Elvis was rocking around the world. And if you are interested in sports, you can rock up at the FedEx forum and watch the former Vancouver Grizzlies playing ball in the NBA.

Nashville, on the eastern side of Tennessee and around 3 hours drive away from Memphis is a total different story. Even though in the same state and with a similar history, you can feel the wealth of the city when you are close to it. No wonders, since the U.S. Medical industry is centered here! But the difference to Memphis is simply huge. While the area in and around Memphis is focused on history and poverty, Nashville is a lively and flourishing student town. Country and modern rock music is the thing here, Vanderbilt university the poster boy and the predators and the Titans the pastime. The people here are overly welcome and nice, the city is beautiful and the history a big part of America.

As mentioned before, Broadway is the party street, stretching all down to the university area. If you are looking for some serious shopping, opry mills outlet is the place to go. And take yourself on a half day tour to the jack Daniels distillery, the oldest and first distillery registered in the states.

Tennessee, a great state with lots of history and differences.


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