Empire State of mind


…concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do…
…these streets will make you feel brand new and the lights will inspire you…

Sounds familiar? Well,then you are in the melting pot. New York, what a city… No place in the world can compare.

So let me begin step by step. We arrived into Newark airport, which is one of the three big ones, and one of the two big international airports surrounding NYC. Well, it is also the one which does not lie in New York, rather then in New Jersey, hence the distance to Manhattan is 1-1,5 hours by car/cab and it will set you back around 90 bucks including base fade (65 usd), tolls (20usd) and a tip for the driver. As mentioned, there are two more airports, LaGuardia, which mainly serves domestic air traffic (it’s called international since it also flies into the Canadian east coast) and JFK. Both are a bit closer to the city (LaGuardia in Queens and JFK In Brooklyn), while LaGuardia seems to be the closest one.

Once in Manhattan, it is an easy but confusing grit system and Manhattan itself is divided into parts. The main attractions such as the time square are located in midtown and all the parts below Central Park . You should plant at least 3 full days to visit the major attractions and to get into the NYC vibe. This time we have concentrated our efforts to just Manhattan but there are so many more place to see within New York City (e.g. Brooklyn, Williamsburg, jersey, etc.)

There are so many must sees in NYC and so many places to go, so I will not list all of these. However, here is some advice.

1. Try to concentrate each half day (so morning – lunchtime, afternoon-evening) to one are in manhattan. You can travel to e.g. downtown by metro and then walk around for half a day. then travel up to midtown and walk around for the rest of the day.
2. You can book a lot of activations and sights online! Do so, as lines to buy tickets can be long. this can safe you a lot of time.
3. If planning to visit indoor sights, such as museums, you should do this in the very morning. as mentioned above, people are queuing all day, but the mornings seem to be the time with less people.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – well, there are so many places and so many different cuisines, just go and try.

4. Food in NYC is generally ok-good and it will be always up to one’s budget and taste.
5. If you want to see the statue of liberty, you can do so for free. Well, you won’t come as close to the statue as with the original tour operator, but who wants to stand next to a 100m statue? doesn’t make a lot of sense :) Just take the staten island ferry from the Whitehall Terminal (Metro 1 to South Ferry Loop) next to Battery Park and just do a round trip. It will take you 2 hours in total, but the ferry ride provides you with a good view of lower manhattan and the statue. if you have some spare time, you can always check out Staten Island.
6. New York City is the only city with 2 sports teams in each of the 4 big american sports leagues – NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA. And they even have 2 MLS teams. So there is lots of sports action guaranteed 365 days a year.

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