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In our today’s blog we will present you a bit of „la dolce vita“…

At the north-east side of Lake Garda we find the small city of Malcesine. If you come by car, just follow the „autostrada 22″. From Munich it is just about four hours to the „Munichian Sea“. Take the A8 with direction Innsbruck, Austria (think about the vignette, otherwise it’ll get expensive if the police catches you!) and then go straight ahead crossing the Alps over Brennerpass to Italy. You will have to pay toll for using the road, but it’s only 13 euro till the exit Rovereto Sud.
After only a 30 minute ride through the Italian country you will already see the huge Lake Garda surrounded by mountains.
Passing the Windsurfing City Torbole it’s only 15 km to the old town of Malcesine. You can’t find a free parking place near the city centre but directly near Municipo there is a parking lot which costs just 1,50 euro per hour. The street nearby costs just 1,30 euro but you have to throw in coins, so be sure think about the time. In the evening hours (20:00-09:00) you can find free spaces there, so better park outside by night!

Malcesine itself is a small town with a castle on a small hill. You should definitely take a walk through the little streets but be sure to wear good shoes due to the rough street. Besides many Italian restaurants, gelaterias and souvenir shops you will find vine bars and some clothing shops.
The Italian food here is quite good (pizza, pasta, seafood,…) but you should definitely compare prices. The restaurants in the touristy streets are the most expensive ones of course and probably not the best. I can recommend the Italian restaurant „da Nikolas“ which is directly on the lake, where you can enjoy a good meal for a good price and a beautiful sunset on the terrace.

With ice-cream it is the same but the prices are ranged between 1,20 euro and 1,50 euro per scoop. A good gelateria is the „Dolce Vita“ in a street near the Municipo or the „Cento per Cento“ in front of the castle. Great selection and great taste for 1,30 euro!

Every Saturday there is a market in the city centre – just on the Municipo parking (so don’t park there between 6:00 and 14:00 otherwise you’ll be towed!). You can find a lot of clothing, food, electronics and pottery. The pottery is really good quality and much cheaper than in the shops, so have a look!

The best outdoor activity in Malcesine is to go by railway to Monte Baldo. You will have to best view all over the lake and the ride itself is an adventure (one way 20 euro, return 40 euro)! On the top of the mountain you can go hiking or just have an Aperol on the sunny terrace. If you want to walk down the hill, you should plan about three hours, but take your time and enjoy nature and the view!

A short comment on the hotels. If you prefer to stay independent and to have an own kitchen, chose airbnb. The flat we rented was cheap (70 euro per night / 3 persons), directly near the castle (most central), clean and cosy! Everything you need was just a maximum walk of five minutes away (the gelateria „Cento per Cento“ directly opposite:) )! So before you choose an expensive hotel which is mostly maximum 3-4 stars, try airbnb und compare prices!–Italien

All in all a 4-5 day trip to the north-east side of Lake Garda seems enough time to enjoy the Italian way of life and to see and feel the Italian flair. Malcesine is more touristy and a town for families, while Torbole is much more hip and en vogue and a paradise for windsurfers! But as these two cities are not even half an hour apart, Malcesine is a perfect base to discover the east side of the lake!


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