#travellenge NYC

Since I already went to NYC in 2013 and did all the touristy stuff, I now decided to explore the Big Apple from a more „hipster point of view“
Me and my 2 companions rented an airbnb apartment in Brooklyn Williamsburg, one of the in and hipsterareas in NY. I can really recommend to use airbnb here, you pay a lot less than with Hotels/ Hostels and your host may be able to give you some great insider information.

imageIf you want to enjoy the best view of NYC, go up the new world trade    center, called One World Observatory. It costs 32 dollars but the view is worth every cent. You can see all of Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey while taking pictures that make every friend of you die of envy. The New World Trade Center is also pure entertainment because every step in the building is surrounded by some patriotic American video, picture or music. God bless the United States of America!


Recommendation to every New York traveller:
Of course do all the touristic stuff, but take one or two days and leave your maps at home, smartphones and cameras in your pocket and just walk! Explore the real NYC full of interesting NYC people: Williamsburg, East Village, Meatpacking District, Union Square/Washington Square (NYU students area). If you want to rest, just look for a bench, sit down and watch people. This will never be boring in NYC. When you’re in the Meatpacking, make sure to go up the Highline, a former train line between the Meatpacking and lower Manhattan. Since 2002, it has been modified and designed to a very unique park with lots of green, water and places to sit or lay down. Here, you can relax and forget the stress the big apple sometimes enforces.

This year’s New York trip has been an overwhelmingly great experience. Although we’ve walked and seen a lot, it’s very difficult to capture all the happenings in words.It’s just about the feeling and the impressions you get, walking through this great city full of interesting, crazy and shining people. It has been one of the trips that will be forever in our mind and not just in your camera roll. We did take photos though, so here are some of our favorite impressions.
But make sure you don’t miss your trip to NYC!
Accept the #travellenge.


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