The fame of Hiroshima is unfortunately connected to one of the saddest events in human history. The exact time and date, is still visible every day and the spirit, to never let this failure of humanity happen again is felt once you step into the city. But not let alone dark history be the reason to visit this lovely city. It should be on your list for other reasons as well. The city is medium sized and and easy to navigate. The best way to get from A to B is simply walk and discover or take the trams/ streetcars, which is the preferred option for travel in Hiroshima. You should definitely check out the Hiroshima castle (Rebuilt, hence not one of the original ones, yet beautiful), eat some Okonomiyaki (typical food to the region, Okonomiyaki is a Japanese sour/ salty pancake with vegetables and meet or seafood made ready on a teppanyaki – open grill plate) and visit a match of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp Baseball team, which plays their home matches in the Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium (what a hilarious name for a sports ground!).


But once you are here, history will catch up with you and a visit to the Peace Park and all its memorials is a certain must. Take at least a half day, preferably in the morning to learn about the dark history of humanity and take your time outside of this place to reflect on what you have experienced.

Last but not least, Hiroshima should be on your map for at least a whole day, as this is also the gateway to Miyajima – a must see place on your trip!

Hiroshima is easily accessed by Shinkansen from all parts of Japan. The Shinkansen ride from Osaka is around 1.5 hours. Once at the train station, the city is a 5 min cab drive. If you do not carry any heavy luggage, you can walk from the train station to the city in no time or take the streetcars.

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