Next on the list and just around the corner or better –  a ferry hop – from Hiroshima is the holy island of Miyajima. Considered as a holy place by most Japanese, this island is trying hard to preserve the Edo-Era look and feel. Hence, once you are here, you will have a glimpse into how Japan might have looked like in 200 years ago.
One famous landmark of the island and even Japan is the Red Torii Gate which stands in front of the island in the sea as if it was the bodyguard. You can walk towards the gate and try to touch it at low tide, but it might get muddy. And for the sake of taking great images, it looks way nicer, as if it was floating on water, at high tide. Navigate from here uphill towards some little temples and typical beautiful Japanese gardens. It feels Zen-like and you can enjoy the calm of this little place.
The shops and streets are in deed a bit tacky and it feels like you are back into ancient japan. Enjoy some stereotype history, buy some souvenirs and eat some classic Japanese desserts. This day trip is your time to get away from the hustle and bussle of the Japanese Megapolis, relax in a historical setting and simple enjoy the view and tranquility.
There are lots of restaurants, good and mediocre on this island. The touristic spots seem to have higher prices, but still, not close to being ripped off. So don’t worry that you leave the island hungry.
You can access Miyajima easily from Hiroshima. Just take the JR train (if you are holding a JR pass, which you SHOULD as already mentioned in the overview part) or the Tram (private line, hence you have to pay even if you have a JR pass) to Miyajimaguchi Station (25min ride with the JR train). From here, hop onto the ferry (again, JR ferries are free for JR pass holders. there is also a private company ferry. Both are equally reliable) which goes to Miyajima 10 times a day and it takes merely 10min.

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