Going off the beaten track… or let’s go art? Naoshima is fairly unknown to the Japan traveller, but some might have heard about this tiny island lying between Osaka and Hiroshima due to its artful nature. Naoshima is, small, beautiful and not touristy. Or at least it is not overcrowded with tourists and it is a good counterpart to the megapolis in Japan. Simply rent a bike when you arrive by ferry and discover the island spontaneously. There is no need to plan ahead, and you will come across the must sees anyways as the island is simply small. Relax on one of the small beaches in Naoshima, check out the artful statues and enjoy the silence. Just make sure that you catch the last ferry if you are not planning to stay on the island.

Naoshima is situated between Hiroshima and Osaka in the Japanese sea. The next bigger city on the mainland is Okayama, and this could be the starting point as it has good access from Hiroshima or Osaka by Shinkansen. As accommodation on the island itself is scarce, we would recommend to stay in Okayama and make Naoshima a great day trip from here. Simply take the JR Uno line from Okayama JR train station and get off at Uno Station. From here, it’s a short walk to the Uno port, where you can take the ferry to Naoshima/ Miyanoura Port.

There are also some restaurants close to Uno station on the mainland and some on the island itself. Most of them are classic small Japanese eateries, offering noodles and rice based food. If you want to make this a budget trip, just drop in by a 7Eleven on the island and by some Japanese/ or Western snacks.

The ferry ride costs 290 YEN and will take 20min.
The train ride from Okayama Station to Uno Station costs 580 Yen (or free if you have the JR pass) and will take around 50min.
Ferry Timelines:
Train timelines:

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